Dive down into the gentle water, let everyday worries float away and enjoy the lightness of this element in the Hotel Gabi’s indoor and outdoor pools. The warm water refreshes and relaxes body and mind. At the Hotel Gabi, you can enjoy this wonderful experience year-round.

Indoor & Outdoor Pools

Pools at the Hotel Gabi near Salzburg

Dive in, float, close your eyes and enjoy. Take a refreshing dip in our two swimming pools.

A stay at the 4-star Hotel Gabi combines the bustling city life in Salzburg with relaxation and wellness in the country. Get the best of both worlds – just minutes from the centre of the city of Mozart and with the help of our two swimming pools.

Indoor pool with sky views

Swim some laps in the heated indoor pool with beautiful views of the sky from our panorama skylights. What could be better than floating in the warm water whilst observing the stars in the night sky? To ensure you have plenty of time for stargazing, our indoor pool is open daily until 10:00 pm.

Equipped with a modern counter current system, our indoor pool is perfect not just for relaxing, but for getting in some exercise too.

The current created by the jets gives you the feeling of swimming and swimming without ever reaching the end of the pool. Close your eyes and enjoy this experience. You can choose how tough your workout should be. The closer you are to the jets the stronger the currents; move away from them for a more leisurely swim. 

So: grab your swimsuit and jump in!

Outdoor pool for hot summer days

On hot summer days, the body craves cool refreshment. What could be better than cooling off with a dip in our outdoor pool? With views of the beautiful hotel garden and the warm rays of sun on your skin, you’ll have no trouble relaxing pool-side. Get comfy on one of our sun loungers and enjoy your holiday in Wals-Siezenheim to its fullest.

The cherry on top is, without question, our surroundings. They win over guests not only with their close proximity to the vibrant city of Salzburg, but also with the lovely peace and quiet of the countryside. The chirping of the birds is the only sound to break the silence here.

So pick out a sun lounger, enjoy the views of our incredible surroundings and take a dip in our refreshing outdoor pool.

Would you like to spend your next holiday at the Hotel Gabi near the city of Salzburg? Send us your enquiry and you’ll receive a personalised offer shortly. Enquire today!

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