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Best Price Guaranteed

Sauna resort

... let it all hang out

Close your eyes – breathe in deeply - relax. In the sauna resort of the hotel Gabi, these are easy things to do. Admittedly, a stay at the bed-and-breakfast hotel near Salzburg is already relaxing by itself. A visit to the sauna resort, though, ensures that you can leave your every day’s stress behind. Welcome to the small, fine sauna resort.

Sauna and relax: sauna types

In the modern Sauna area at Hotel Gabi you can use four different types of sauna for your wellness-dedicated break. Just pick up the sauna towels we have prepared for you and lie them down on the seats - and there is your full-immersion in an oasis of peace and relax!

  • Finnish sauna
  • Herbal sauna
  • Steam bath
  • Infrared sauna

Sauna area

  • Sauna world in Hotel Gabi
  • Relaxing area
  • Wellness and relaxation

Small details make the difference

The Finnish sauna combines a very high temperature with low humidity. With the sauna heater, the cabin is heated up to 80-100 Celsius degrees. If that is too hot for you, we also have a relaxing herbal sauna, with a pleasant temperature of 60-70 Celsius degree. With an air humidity of about 55 percent, this is also much more circulatory.
The steam sauna relaxes the body with gentle 40 to 55 degrees Celsius and very high humidity. In the steam saunas, especially sauna beginners and children feel comfortable. The infrared cabins in the Hotel Gabi are heated by infrared radiation, creating a soothing and pleasant skin feeling. The resulting deep warmth in the body relaxes all muscles and triggers blockages.
Sounds wonderful? It does, because it is wonderful!

That's why sweating is so healthy!

Warming up your body does not only have a positive effect on the way your skin looks. After the sauna, you should cool down your warmed-up body a little with a lukewarm shower. The succession of warm and cool water on your skin stimulates the metabolism and strengthens your immune system. Especially during cold season, taking a sauna can prevent a chill. However, if you already have a cold, you should avoid the sauna and rather relax with a soothing massage.

After spending some time in the sauna resort, you can enjoy some chill-out time on the heated bench or in the separated chill-out room, and replenish your energy with Grander water and some fresh fruit at the tea bar.

Spend your next holiday at Hotel Gabi and combine urban life with the pleasure of a wellness resort. Have a look at the packages and special offers or send an inquiry. The hotel team is looking forward to hearing from you!

Sauna resort
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